Academy - Industry

We are happy to invite you to a Speed Dating meeting with senior researchers from the Technion to examine collaborations between industry and academia, the assimilation of technology and research knowledge in the industry. This is your organization's opportunity for a personal meeting to present the agenda of your company to a senior researcher at the Technion and to examine / expand collaborations.

The format is very clear to ensure understanding between the parties and avoid wasting time:

10 minutes - presenting the organization

10 minutes - presentation of the researcher's activities

10 minutes - exploring cooperation possibilities


1 | In order to participate, please register in advance
2 | After registration, the conference representatives will contact you to coordinate the meeting time
3 | Meetings will be held in conference rooms (on the lobby floor) during the conference
4 | The arrangement of the meetings will be coordinated by the conference organizers


Contact: meitalg@technion.ac.il
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