Simultaneously with the conference, workshops will be held in the seminar room

Plenary lectures and Workshops

08:30-09:00  Registration, Morning Reception
Time Alma Auditorium (Main)
09:00-09:10 Chairwoman of the ceremony | Prof. Lihi Zelnik-Manor
09:10-09:20 Prof. Uri Sivan| Greetings by the Technion President
09:20-10:00 Prof.Assaf Schuster | Complex Patterns inMassive Data Streams
10:00-10:40 Dr.  Nir Rosenfeld | Machine Learning and Human Behavior
10:40-11:00  Coffee Break
Time  Alma Auditorium (Main) Time Gallery 1 | Workshops
11:00-11:40 Prof. Daniel Soudry | Resource Efficiency and Algorithmic Bias Control in Deep Learning  



Prof. Orit Hazzan | Workshop Data Science for Educational Policymaking, Governance and Operations

11:40-12:20 Prof. Tomer Michaeli | Learning from a single signal
12:20-13:00 Prof. Michael Elad | Image Denoising - Not What You Think!
13:00-14:00  Lunch Break
14:00-15:00 Poster Session
14:00-14:40 Prof. Alex Bronstein | Learning to see in the Data Age 14:00-14:30  Ms. Liron Freind-Saadon, NVIDIA| Building the AI City
14:40-15:20 Dr. Ofra Amir | Explainable Reinforcement Learning: Describing Agent Behavior to People 14:30-15:20 Prof. Pnina O. Plaut | The Role of Urban Analytics in Planning and  Policy
15:20-15:40  Coffee Break
15:40-16:20 Prof. Tamir Hazan | Multimodal Attention Networks 15:40-17:00 Prof. Pnina O. Plaut | Continuation of workshop
16:20-17:00 Prof. Shie Mannor | Reinforcement Learning: Is the Future Here?
17:00-17:20  Best Poster award, Closing notes, Q&A | Alma Auditorium (Main)

Poster Session - Throughout the day

Small Seminar Room

Conference program